Unless a temperature sufficient to reach the decalescence point is obtained, so that the pearlite carbon is changed into a hardening carbon, no hardening action can take place; and unless the steel is cooled suddenly before it reaches the recalescence point, thus preventing the changing.Why does red signal rank?These tests indicate that whenever this salt is used as a heating bath, the temperature should not be raised above 2050 degrees.

Parts of irregular shape are sometimes quenched in a water bath that has been warmed somewhat to prevent sudden cooling and cracking.Results of Tests on Spring Steel Hardened in Drawn to, degrees F Diam.En ese sentido, se describen, a continuación, algunos de estos objetos los cuales conviene tener en la casa, ya que atraen la buena suerte a aquellas personas que habitan allí.

The temperature of the hardening bath has a great deal to do with the hardness obtained.Cracks of a vertical nature and dark-colored fissures indicate that the steel has been burned and should be put on the scrap heap.Participants were all self-identified as heterosexual or bisexual.