For example, '30' was widely used in journalism to mean "end of story and has been used in other contexts to signify "the end".A lack of adequate property maintenance can detract from the quality of life for others and lead to public health and safety concerns.The division is comprised of Zoning Examiners who review building projects and proposed signs for compliance with the Metropolitan Zoning Code.

Edit and search again.Codes 1,603, procedures / Professional Services (Temporary, codes ) 'H'.If you are the owner of a property seeking to apply for a short term rental property permit visit our strp page for eligibility requirements and details on how to register.

Error-correcting codes edit Main article: Error detection and correction See also: Block code Codes may also be used to represent data in a way more resistant to errors in transmission or storage.Codes is responsible for permitting Short Term Rental Properties (strps) and ensuring property owners comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Metro Council.