WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2019: Compound Forms/Forme composte certificate of deposit, plural: certificates of deposit (financial account) ( banca, USA ) conto deposito nm deposit money (banking) moneta scritturale nf deposit slip US (bank: lists money deposited) distinta di versamento nf The cash machine had run out.Haldeman-Julius I will go down and deposit this; for Betty has seen I have been writing.To become deposited; settle.

Synonyms: down payment, security deposit, earnest money, partial payment, collateral, more.Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.Verb (used without object) to be placed, inserted, precipitated, left for safekeeping, given as security or in partial payment, etc.

Nickel deposit bottles non deposit funding Operating deposit refund of deposit sight deposit the deposit will appear as an asset We will also match your first deposit with 200 up to 500 When can I expect the deposit of the apartment back?Direct deposit (direct payment) accreditamento diretto nm fixed-term deposit (banking: set term) deposito con termine prefissato, deposito a scadenza fissa naked deposit dated (law: free bailment) ( gratuito ) deposito di merci, deposito di cose mobili nm necessary deposit (forced transfer) ( causato da eventi di forza.Deposit sth (coin: insert) inserire, introdurre vtr Please deposit the exact change in the machine.