Su interior es de indudable valor artístico.The Upanishad states in verse.1.4 that the Soul is the life of all things, and there is delight in this Soul (tman).37 These early verses of the third Mundakam have been variously interpreted.

Mundaka casino

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Un sitio tranquilo con unas inmejorables vistas. Mundaka Upanishad,.1.4 -.1.7 26 27 The section continues on, asserting Brahman as the cause of mountains, rivers of every kind, plants, herbs and all living beings, and it is "the inner Soul that dwells in all beings".

El atractivo de la zona se completa con playas como Laga (especial atención merecen sus dunas Laida, Laidatxu, San Antonio, la Isla de Txatxarramendi y los bellos pueblos de Bermeo, Mundaka y Elantxobe.The Mundaka Upanishad is the source of the phrase Satyameva Jayate, which is the national motto of India.